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My name is Jennifer, I am the owner and #1 eye behind the lenses of JB Photography. 


Eleven years back, a friend of mine was getting married and asked me If I would take her wedding pictures for her... I agreed, fell in love with taking pictures professionally and decided to go legit. 

I am now 32 years old and a mom of a four year old and expecting my second daughter, with this incredible business of my very own that I built from the ground up with some help from friends and family. Now that I have discovered my true passion in life, I can't ever picture myself doing anything else. 

The most rewarding part of what I do, other than sharing what I see through my lens, is the simple fact that every picture tells a story. I get the privilege of being the person who captures every one of the unforgettable moments at someone's wedding, the glow of a young adult making their way into the adult world, the preciousness of a child, and most of all the candid pictures that my clients never even know I take. It blows my mind that 50 years from now my clients will share and pass down these pictures through out their families and they will be the sole root of some amazing stories. 

Am I passionate about what I do?

Absolutely, Passion is the driving force behind my business from which I insist on getting to know my clients' on a personal level. Building that element of trust and somewhat friendship is how I learn what your style is, your likes, your dislikes, things that matter most to you; so that when I hold my camera I don't need to think, I don't need to plan, I just shoot what that moment feels like. 


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Ranked 5 Star 2019 Couples Choice Award on Wedding Wire! 



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